This website is all about extreme flying; flying low and flying fast.

Google Earth provides public access to what I like to call "The world's most expensive free video game". They started with a globe and added a satellite radar topographic map, and overlayed that with satellite imagery and 3D models, and as one final bonus they gave us an airplane. Two aiplanes in fact, but the one we will talk about here is going to be the F-16 Falcon for the most part.

The videos on the home page are intended to show how much fun can be had in this "video game". If you would like to learn to fly yourself, have a look at the Flight Instruction pages for all the information on getting started. If you are undecided, Google Earth is free, the most you will have to buy is a gamepad, and I couldn't even fly the plane at altitude when I first started; you can do this too!

Most of all, just have fun and enjoy the videos of someone doing things no sane pilot would ever do in real life.

As always, Peace.

Video capture and editing is done using LoiLo Game Recorder and LoiLo Scope2 editing software